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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

A Comparative Study between the Cidade Nova and Marabá Pioneira Urban Centers Marabá-PA 

Antônio Pereira Junior, Edmir dos Santos Jesus, Deisianne de Souza Teixeira, and Florene Belato Tavares 

Environmental Engineering, State University of Pará (UEPA), Brazil 

Abstract: Environmental impacts in urban areas are frequently associated with an expansion in the urban area, through which population growth is one of the indicators of changes to the environment by soil use and habitation, which triggers negative effects and contributes to the non-establishment of sustainable development. Accordingly, the lack of urban planning permits unbridled growth that does not consider the supporting capacity of the environment. Thus, the objective of this study was to compare environmental impacts in two centers of the municipality of Marabá with the aim of determining the most significant environmental indicators for the estimation of environmental impacts and their influence on the population's quality of life. The methodology adopted was a survey of documentary evidence. Six environmental indicators defined for the municipality. Then, interaction matrices created to attribute values and weights to each variable to obtain an index of urban environmental quality for each indicator. The results indicated that the Marabá Pioneira urban center affected by the negative effects of human activities. Thus, the development of environmental studies is essential to strengthen the adoption of measures aimed at ensuring a balanced environment and quality of life for the population. 

Key words: environmental indicators, human action, urban environmental 

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