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Comparative Study of Geophysical Prospection and Drilling Results in the Region of Gbêkê, Ivory Coast

Kouassi Kouamé Auguste1, Kouassi Francis Williams1, Bouadou Rock Armand Michel1, and Coulibal Y. Adama2
1. Nangui Abrogoua University, UFR Science and Environmental Management, Laboratory Geosciences and Environment, Ivory
2. Department of Science and Technology of Water and Environmental Engineering, UFR of Earth Sciences and Mining Resources,

Félix Houphouët-Boigny University, Ivory Coast

Abstract: Most of Gbêkê’s groundwater resources are found in crystalline and crystallophyllian basement fractures. For the extraction of these groundwater, geophysical techniques have been implemented for the choice of drilling sites. Thus, the findings of the geophysical surveys and those of the mechanical surveys showed divergent results in some localities of the study area. The objective of this work is to verify the degree of reliability of the information provided by the geophysical prospection by comparing them with the results of the drilling. The methodological approach used is to make a comparative analysis of the results of the electrical soundings and the corresponding drillings (SE, F). The parameters to be analyzed according to the state of the boreholes (positive or negative drilling) are: the fracture directions, the types of sounding, the thicknesses of alterite, the soundings of fractures and the arrivals of water. The analyzes of the results of the electrical soundings and their corresponding drillings showed dissimilarities in the total thicknesses of alteration, the position and the presence or absence of fractures arrivals of water in the subsoil. The failure of drilling in the study area is largely caused by these differences in results between electrical soundings and mechanical soundings.

Key words: geophysical prospecting, drilling, electrical survey, Ivory Coast

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