Technology and Engineering
  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Properties of Granular, Fractured and Cavernous Reservoir Rocks

Mailibayev M. M.1, and Yerzhanova Zh. M.2
1. Department of Oil and Gas Development and Exploration, LLC Maksat-Munai Consulting, Kazakhstan

2. LLC Prime Source, Kazakhstan

Abstract: The formalization of relationships between three parameters characterizes all structures of the pore space: coefficients of porosity, permeability and residual (stable) fluid saturation. Statistical analysis of the laboratory data of collectors allowed to define the “slip” of the water saturation depending on the porosity, and the range of changes — on permeability in the direction of residual water growth. At the same porosity and permeability of samples identical values of residual water saturation are natural, but they do not depend on the lithology of the mineral skeleton. Regularity of going beyond the usual properties of water and oil saturated industrial reservoir rocks and beyond water and oil pressures having diffusion permeability was detected.

Key words: reservoir rocks, the structure of the pore space, formalization of three parameters of collector

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