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Survey and Earthquake: The Case of Visso 

Pieragostini Enrica, and Santuccio Salvatore

Università degli studi di Camerino, Italy

Abstract: This research was carried out in the “Surveying of Architecture and Cities” course in the School of Architecture at the University of Camerino. The research focused on small old medieval villages in an area of central Italy. The towns contain castles, fortresses, towers, and town walls, which define urban hierarchies and territorial boundaries. The precise location is the Province of Macerata, andto better understand the context, special focus was placed on the medieval town of Visso. For each tower or castle, direct surveys and a photogrammetry survey were made. The results, which are also presented using axonometric representation, show the typically medieval morphological aspects of the village. Immediately following the surveying campaign, a series of strong earthquakes hit the same area as our research. Visso was severely damaged and we worked with the municipal administration to make more effective use of our survey. A new survey was also made to evidence the damage caused by the first strong earthquake.

Key words: survey, small towns, representation, middle ages, reconstruction

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