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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Assessment of Water Quality Using Principal Component Analysis: A Case Study of the Açude da Macela, Sergipe, Brazil


Carlos Alexandre Borges Garcia1 , Helenice Leite Garcia1 , Maria Caroline Silva Mendonça1 , Anamália Ferreira da Silva1 , José do Patrocínio Hora Alves1 , Silvânio Silvério Lopes da Costa1 , Rennan Geovanny Oliveira Araújo2 , and Igor Santos Silva1 

1. Universidade Federal de Sergipe. Av. Marechal Rondon, Brazil 

2. Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brasil 

Abstract: The quality of surface water is a very sensitive issue and it is a great environmental concern worldwide. In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness and concern about water pollution across the globe. Thus new approaches towards achieving sustainable water resources management have been developed internationally. In present study, multivariate statistical approaches are used; interpretation of large and complex data matrix obtained during a monitoring of the Açude da Marcela, which is located in Itabaiana, Sergipe, Brazil and used for human consumption and irrigation of vegetables. Samplings were done on selected sites for two years (2010–2012) across in the reservoir width with a view to monitor changes caused by anthropogenic sources. Sampling, preservation and transportation of the samples to the laboratory were done in concordance with standard methods. 

Key words: Water quality, PCA, Açude da Marcela 

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