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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Perception of Green Building Index Facilitator towards the Traditional Malay House Sustainability

Wan Mohd Fakhzan Wan Zakaria1, Mawar Ahmad2, and Mohd Zulkarnain Salehudin2
1. Alfa International College, Malaysia

2. Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Malaysia

Abstract: Malaysia initiated the Green Building Index (GBI) evaluation tools to assess sustainability in construction industry. However, this evaluation only considers new construction for residential and non-residential regardless heritage buildings, particularly the Traditional Malay House (TMH). Therefore, this research was conducted to study the relationship of TMH sustainability components with GBI criteria. The aim of the discussions in this study is to investigate the perception of Green Building Index Facilitator (GBIF) towards TMH sustainability and to establish TMH sustainability assessment tool with reference to GBI criteria. In-depth literature was conducted to identify the key sustainability components of TMH. The data for this study was gathered through an online survey. Thus, self-administered questionnaires were employed as the primary data collection method. The questionnaires are distributed among GBIF which comprises of the architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and others. 31 samples were obtained in this study. From the finding, it can be concluded that the problem statement outline in this study, which suggest that the TMH also comply with recent GBI criteria were proven.

Key words: traditional Malay house, green building index, green building index facilitator

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