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Measurement of the Heat Transfer Coefficient in Case of Impinging Synthetic Jet

Petra Dancova, Tomas Vit, and Jan Novosad

Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Abstract: The paper deals with the measurement of a heat transfer coefficient caused by an impinging synthetic jet. The heat transfer coefficient is measured using the thermoanemometry in a constant temperature mode (CTA). Experiments are based on measurement and evaluation of heat flux from the heated probe (placed on the heated plate) to the surrounding fluid. The probe temperature is maintained similar to the temperature of the plate to minimalize the conductive heat flux from the probe to the plate. Experiments are performed with three different overheat ratios of the thermoanemometric probe.

  The experimental results are the starting point for the CFD simulations. CFD simulations are carried out in a pimpleFoam solver included in a OpenFOAM software modified by adding an energy transport equation. The simplified computational domain is defined based on the experimental setup. CFD boundary conditions are set according to the experimental data. CFD results are velocity fields in the whole computational domain. Velocity fields are confronted with experimental data to validate the developed OpenFOAM solver which will be used for next numerical investigation of heat transfer.

Key words: synthetic jet, heat transfer, thermoanemometry, OpenFOAM

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