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Andic Soils in Conditions of Slovakia

Jozef Kobza
National Agricultural and Food Centre Lužianky, Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute Bratislava, Regional Working

Place Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Abstract: Andic soils occurring and developed in conditions of Slovakia are evaluated in this contribution. Soil properties have been studied on the three geomorphological units (Kremnické vrchy, Štiavnické vrchy and Poľana mountains) which are situated on neovolcanic rocks and their pyroclastics under forest. On the selected soil profiles the chemical and physical properties have been analysed and evaluated (pH value, SOC, CHA/CFA, Q4
6, 13C NMR spectrum, Nt, available nutrients and their fractional composition (P, K) Feox, Fed, Alox, Ald, organic phosphorus, texture, bulk density). 

  On the basis of obtained results it may be said that Andic soils in conditions of Slovakia are mostly medium deep to deep, very dark brown to black (10YR 2/2- 2/1) with high content of SOC (5.5-12.7%) and Nt (0.47 - 0.92), CHA/CFA< 1 and C:N ratio between 12-15 (moder humus form), Q4 6 4-5. Concerning the indicators of 13C NMR spectrum it was determined that the aliphatic carbon is predominant (Calif/Car ratio is running mostly in the range 1.3 - 1.8). Evaluated soils are acid to very acid with low content of available nutrients (P, K).

Key words: andosols, soil classification, andic properties, thixotropy, Slovakia

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