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Quality Improvement of An Iron Ore Jasper by Selective Milling

Erivelto Luis de Souza1, Orimar B. Reis2, Luis C. Borges3, and Denise F. Pereira4
1. DTECH, Federal University of São João Del-Rei, OuroBranco, MG, Brazil
2. Federal Institute of Technical Teaching, OuroPreto, MG, Brazil
3. Federal Institute of Technical Teaching, OuroPreto, MG, Brazil
4. University Presidente Antonio Carlos, Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil
Abstract: One of the most important factors during the process of comminution of minerals is their power consumption rate, which is determined by calculating the WI (work index), which in short is to analyze the amount of kWh consumed per ton of material, to reach a certain particle size and achieve the desired. Along with the quality of the ore is defined and use the classification of the ore. Ores of jaspelite type, high hardness, and with lower iron content 60% with silica content above 10.5%, tends to be considered economically unsuitable for merger cases in the Brazilian market. The work presented here consists of a technique that acts by transforming this type of ore at an acceptable quality product and with a lower power consumption than the previously calculated by WI analysis. The procedure presented here recovers a quantity of more than 75% by weight, taking an ore 56% Fe, for an average content of 65% SiO2 and lowering the 10% to 4.5%. Although reducing by 50% the amount of phosphorus present. The procedure presented here using known methods, but with a variation with respect to the operation, which gives you innovative character, acting together with a selective screening.

Key words: selective milling, Jasper Ore, quality improvement

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