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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Ground Subsidence Risk Analysis with Intensity and Duration of Rainfall

Changho Choi, Jinyoung Kim, Jaemo Kang, and Youngsoo Park
Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Tech., Goyang, S. Korea
Abstract: Recently, the phenomenon of ground subsidence and sinkhole openings in urban area has caused social problems such as damage to roads and structures, fear to public, and property loss. Several researches have proven that the ground subsidence and sinkhole opening are much affected with the intensity and amount of rainfall in urban area. In this paper the database of ground subsidence reported in the major city of Korea is used to analyze its relationship with the characteristics of recorded precipitation data. The subsidence and precipitation data from year 2010-2014 were used to find out their correlation. Duration and intensity of given amount of precipitation were evolved to obtain their effect to ground subsidence rate (SR). The result shows that the relationship between SR and precipitation is asymptotic and can be modeled with hyperbolic equation. Finally, the relation curve is calibrated with hyperbolic equation.
Key words: ground subsidence, sinkhole, precipitation, risk analysis

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