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Cushion Pad of Reducing Blasting Vibration — Starting New Era of Decreasing Disaster in Civil Engineering


Cheng Xu1, Han Ruize2, Meng Xiangdong3, Wang Xunzhang4, Zhang Junmin5, Pang Linxiang6, Zhang Yang1, Hu
Tao7, Cui Xinnan7, Zhou Jianmin1, and Zhang Xiaojun1
1. State Key Laboratory of High-Efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Ministry
of Education, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Civil & Environment Engineering School, China
2. High School Affiliated to BEIHANG University, China
3. Chongqing Urban Construction Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., China
4. Shanxi Coal Huangling Mining Co., Ltd., China
5. Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, Urumchi 830023, China
6. Armed police hydropower troops first team, Nanning, 5300000, Guangxi, China
7. China University of Mining & Technology, School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering,Beijing,100083
Abstract: The paper introduces a cushion pad which has simple structure and is easy used in blasting engineering. This device can not only avoid large amount of cracks on the rock slope and cumulative damage to surrounding rock mass upon blasting, but also cushion and reducing vibration of blasting. It is first used in Panzhihua Xujiagou iron open pit, Huayinshan coal mine with gas in SiChuan province, Miaowei hydropower station in Yunnan province and Minshui tunnel blasting engineering in Xin-Fen highway in Hebei-Shanxi province. It effectively cushion the heavy detonation shock from explosion avoiding the damage surface of surrounding rock and accumulated damage of rock, thus improve stability of rock mass and save a large amount of support costs. It is also used for decreasing disaster of engineering blast, e.g., collapse, roof fall or instability landslide. 
  The vibration velocity with cushion is 50% less than with pre-splitting blasting, even less than the threshold of blasting vibration accumulated damage. Ratio of semi-hole archive is about 95%.

Key words: pre-splitting blasting, blasting cushion pad; stability of surrounding rock mass and slope of rock; ratio of semi-hole; reducing vibration and disaster; threshold

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