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Leaf Blister Mites (Eriophyes sp.) as Significant Pests in Orchards


Krzysztof Tomasz Kołątaj
Department of Applied Entomology, Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life
Sciences, Poland

Abstract: Orchards constitute a place to live for different pests. Leaf blister mites belong to the family of eriophyoid mites and they can have significant economic meaning in fruit production. These are not free-living organisms and the majority of life they spend sheltered in blisters or under the bud scales, where they overwinter. In spring overwintered females leave the swelling buds and start to feed. In result of their feeding appear small blistered galls inside which females lay eggs. When the trees are numerously infested by leaf blister mites both efficiency of photosyntesis and vigor are significantly reduced, what directly influences on the yield of fruit. These pests can be effectively controlled only in such moments when they appear on the surface on plants, so it is particulary necessary to follow the deadlines in case of control leaf blister mites.

Key words: orchards, leaf blister mites, pests, galls, control

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