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1. The Role of Technology and the Gig Economy as Facilitators of Wealth Work
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/001    Author:    David M. Savino, pp. 1311-1317  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:22:17
2. Agricultural Policy and Regional Development via CAP Policies: The Case of the Central Macedonia
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/002    Author:    Anthia Maniati, Demetrios Psaltopoulos, Efstratios Loizou, Konstandinos Mattas, pp. 1318-1325  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:18:53
3. Packaging in General Reverse Logistic System: Social Impacts Arising From the Implementation of the Sector Agreement in Brazil
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/003    Author:    Isadora Sanches Goeldner, Alexandre Borges Fagundes, Fernanda Hänsch Beuren, pp. 1326-1332  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:14:06
4.Prohibition of Restrictive Competition Agreements in the European Union: Analyzing the “Expedia” Case
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/004    Author:    Maria do Rosário Anjos, Rodrigo de Queiroz Fionda, pp. 1333-1343  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:11:41
5. Legal Issues Related to the Investment of Capital for Startup Company in Vietnam
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/005    Author:    Pham Thanh Nga, Doan Hong Nhung, pp. 1344-1352  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:07:12
6. Improvement of Vietnam-Thailand Trade Balance
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/006    Author:    Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hiếu, pp. 1353-1362  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:05:47
7. Determining the Factors Affecting the Competitiveness Capacity of Coffee Enterprises in Tay Nguyen in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/007    Author:    Nguyễn Văn Đạt, pp. 1363-1372  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:04:23
8. Proposal on Solid Waste Recycling Promotion Policy in Case of Coal-fired Thermal Power Industry in Vietnam
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/008    Author:    Nguyen Thi Hoai Dung, pp. 1373-1385  
Published online:2021/7/27 17:00:09
9.Time Required by Veterinarian to Perform Veterinary Acts in Routine: A Regression Analysis
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/009    Author:    Ikram Abdouttalib, Guillaume Lhermie, Jonathan Cavex, Ahmed Ferchiou, Didier Raboisson, pp. 1386-1393  
Published online:2021/7/27 16:57:42
10. Philosophy of Aging
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.11.2020/010    Author:    Aleksandr Levintov, pp. 1394-1406  
Published online:2021/7/27 16:55:52

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