• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

What Do Local Business People Really Think About the Importance of Tax Incentives, Infrastructure and Environmental Strengths to Economic Developmentī€ 

Martha Mattare, Cathy Ashley-Cotleur, Christopher Michael Masciocchi
(Frostburg State University, USA)

Abstract: The downtown area of Hagerstown, Maryland needs significant revitalization. To address this, City officials proposed a unique incubator model that would house new ventures and provide services to existing businesses. Research on small business incubators has addressed success factors, trends, and economic outcomes related to start-up businesses. This paper advances that research by exploring attitudes towards the importance of city-provided incentives, local infrastructures, and local environmental attributes. In some attitudes, significant gender differences along with length of time in business were found.

Key words: incubator; small business; economic development; economic development incentives

JEL code: O1

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