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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Project Management Performance: The Success Factors of Project Management for Events—Case of the Wedding Projects in Marrakech, Morocco

Habiba Abou-Hafs, Hassan Bellihiļ€ 
(Ibnou Zohr University, Morocco)

Abstract: Wedding [project] is one of the most important ceremonies in our lives. It is a project of life that encourages the Moroccan families to invest all their savings to accomplish the dream of their children. To satisfy this growing request of marriages, the organizers of events became very numerous in two different areas: formal and informal. This growing competition makes those organizers provide the best services they can offer in order to satisfy the clients by respecting constraints of cost-time-quality. To minimize the failure of wedding projects which constitutes a loss for the family of the bridegrooms as well as for the organizers, this study offers to identify the project management success factors as well as to provide a comparison of key success factors between informal and formal area in Marrakech. To reach these targets, we led a quantitative study by means of questionnaire survey as well as to validate the factors explored during an exploratory qualitative study precedent in the same areas; a survey which focuses on 200 organizers of wedding projects has been conducted. The analysis arithmetic means and rank orders to identify the key success factors and their ranking was used, the ANOVA test to confirm with or not perceptions between different respondents groups on the success factors in the both area. The results of studies shows that the 14 success factors explored previously are validated, it indicates existence of a big importance granted to the factors of successes relating to the traditional management based on worth in the informal area, while in the formal area they point out that the very important success factors are relating to the principles of modern project management.

Key words: project management performance; key success factors for events; wedding projects

JEL codes: H43, G14, J12, O17

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