• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

What’s Wrong with Those People?—Colonial Legacies That Affect Your Business Activities in Latin America

Juan M. Gonzálezī€ 
(Northern State University, USA)

Abstract: Having spent 18 years in international marketing and public relations prior to entering academia, the presenter of this discussion will examine the historical presidents and subsequent cultural fallout of Latin American and Caribbean colonization that affect how business is initiated, nurtured and brought to culmination in this vital region. Things are seldom what they appear. Many business entities who venture there thrive while others wither and die. This presentation is a concise introduction to general attitudes and legacies that may surprise and possibly baffle you. In many ways, business relationships with our Latin/Hispanic neighbors is akin to entering the looking glass with Alice.

Key words: business etiquette; business administration; business management; corporate culture; labor management

JEL code: M16

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