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Arts and Architectural Collaborations in Athens of the Sixties (60s)

Dimitris Grigoriou

School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Greece

Abstract: The aim of this research study is the investigation of dialogue between Modern Greek Architecture and Art in the decade of 1960, the way this was expressed in architectural projects of holistic design with mutual participation of Architecture and Visual Art. The subject of the study includes architectural projects of holistic design with mutual participation of architecture and visual arts that occurred in the decade of 1960 in Greece and that they usually form products of cooperation between artists and architects or they are exclusively architectural projects. They are about Visual Art projects, sculptures, embossed, engravings, tapestry, shop window compositions etc. that were especially designed to be part of the holistic design of many buildings, mostly of public interest and rarely of residences. The research inquiries that the study will attend to answer, among others, are the following:
- Which architects encouraged the establishment of dialogue between Art and Architecture during the decades of 1960-1970 in Greece?
- What forms of Art are those that mostly cooperate with Modern Greek Architecture at that period and how this is interpreted?

- What are the factors that lead to this practice and to what type of buildings one can see the synergy of Art and Architecture?

Key words: visual art, architecture, Athens, sixties, collaborations, modernism

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