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Cold Fusion Generator ≡ Electric current Generator ≡ “Anti-Gravity Engine”! New Scientific Paradigm: The Primacy of the Movement of Matter

Aleksandr Nikitin

Independent Researcher, Germany

  Low Energy Nuclear Fusion Chain Reaction (LENR) is a new source of carbon-free energy and a non-mechanical engine.
All our experience of knowledge and my theoretical research in the field of fundamental physics surprisingly lead to the conclusion that any fundamental prime mover (sail, water wheel, steam engine, internal combustion engine, gas turbine, jet engine, nuclear reactor, electric current generator) — it is a nuclear fusion generator.

  The modern scientific paradigm has exhausted itself. The quantum theory of the microcosm and the theory of the relativity of the macrocosm, (including the quantum theory of gravity), built on different postulated theoretical foundations, are fundamentally incompatible and incomprehensible to describe the movement of our United World.

  The motion of matter, i.e., any change, including gravitational, electromagnetic and low-energy nuclear reactions LENR, the description of which is the task of science, can be further cognized solely on the based on a new scientific paradigm, postulating

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