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Vjosa National Park: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Legal Framework, Management and Protection Under Albanian Civil and Criminal Legislation

Etlon Peppo ,Enda Rekaj

(Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania)

Abstract: This study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Vjosa River as a National Park of the 2nd category, along with the associated legal requirements for environmental protection. Furthermore, it is also focused on the aspects of the managing and preserving this national heritage. The scope of this paper also concentrates on the provision and examination of criminal law protection designated for the environment in a broader sense, and more specifically, for protected areas. In this context, particular attention is given to the criminal sanctions imposed on individuals committing offenses against the environment. It is imperative that the executive authorities establish an inclusive and adaptable management plan that actively involves local communities and stakeholders to meet international standards. This management plan should be flexible to address the changing needs of the protected area. However, the effectiveness of the management plan lies not only in its establishment but also in its rigorous enforcement. The Albanian Criminal Code and Law no. 81/2017 “On Protected Areas” provides the corresponding administrative and criminal sanctions, as well as designate responsible authorities for environmental protection. Moreover, this paper underlines the importance of civil measures aimed at promoting responsibility rather than solely relying on punitive measures.

Key words: Vjosa River, National Park, protected area, criminal law, legal remedies

        JEL codes: K320, Q50

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