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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

A Review of the Research on Color Words in China and Vietnam in the Past Five Years (2018 to 2022)

Nguyen Ho Hung Thinh1, Nguyen Thuy Thuy Dung2

(1. Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China; 2. Zhengzhou University, Henan, China)

Abstract: Words with cultural connotations are always the focus of many Chinese and Vietnamese language scholars, especially color words. Because this word group not only has the meaning which refers to colors, but also, is related to the perception of each ethnic group to the outside world. Therefore, the research to find a suitable method of teaching Chinese color vocabulary is always a topic that makes researchers interested. Although the two countries, China and Vietnam, have many similarities in the way of expressing colors through language, there are cultural differences in the perception of colors, which leads to confusion in the CSL (Chinese as Second Language) teaching and learning process. These differences are still deep under the skin of language, and waiting to be discovered. This article reviews the research on color words in Chinese and Vietnamese from three aspects: the current research situation of color words in China and Vietnam, the existing research direction of color words, and the development trend of color words research in Chinese teaching, so as to use them as the basis for future research.


Key words: Chinese and Vietnamese comparison, color words, CSL teaching, future research trend

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