• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Digital Storytelling in the Foreign Language Course

Ntasiou Dimitra

(38th Primary School of Larissa, Greece)

Abstract: This paper presents the use of the digital storytelling as a learning tool in the German lesson in the 6th grade. Specifically, a two-month, two-hour-a-week, classroom and computer lab work is presented, in which students were divided into groups of four and each group chose a local mythic or real hero of their city (Farsala, Greece). They then researched print and online sources for this hero, to find as many biographical details and images as they could, but also to learn the typical elements of a biographical text. At the end, a video was created through the Movie Maker program with all the local heroes in the form of a quiz for the viewer, with the answers given at the end of the video. Specifically, for this video, each group recorded a short biographical text about the hero in German, selected the appropriate images and together they decided on the soundtrack and the setting of the final product.

Key words: digital storytelling, biographical text

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