• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Digital Tool for Accessible Occupational Therapy Treatments for Cognitively Disabled Children

Orit Ben Shusan

(Ono Academic College, Israel)

Abstract: This research is aimed at shared decision-making in the treatment of children who are a significant part of the recipients of occupational therapy services. However, it appears that occupational clinics seeking to involve children with cognitive disabilities in decision-making lack the necessary tools to facilitate this process.

Objective: To address this deficiency, a digital tool in the form of accessible animation videos was developed, supporting the explanation of the therapeutic process tailored to the language and cognitive needs of children with cognitive disabilities.

Method: A qualitative study involving 10 occupational clinics working in various therapeutic settings, as well as 20 children with different functional levels, was conducted. In the first stage, interviews were conducted to examine the main areas of intervention of the clinics working with this population. Based on the interviews, accessible animation videos were created, aiming to explain the intervention areas in therapy to the children. After practical use of the tool with 20 children, a satisfaction questionnaire was administered to the participating children.

Results: The questionnaire findings revealed that the children were able to comprehend the therapeutic process and thus demonstrated higher motivation for collaboration. 


Key words: information accessibility, digital tools, children with cognitive disabilities

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