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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Pax Minoica-As a New Paradigm for Human Development

Irakli Kakabadze1, Guguli Maghradze2

(1. Mahatma Gandhi Foundation of Georgia; 2. Conflict Analysis & Management Department, Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Abstract: The paper — “PAX MINOICA — as a New Paradigm for Human Development” — deals with the problem of potential catastrophic war on earth and the ways to have positive peace. It was always suggested, that humanity was always violent in general and there were always military campaigns of one nation, ethnic group or race against “the other”. “Human beings are violent and power-hungry” — this motto was almost unchallenged through the centuries. This paper is about to question this assumption and find out other examples. 

Is it possible to change our mind-set through looking at the history and creative development? We looked through the research of an amazing Georgian Psychologist Dimitri Uznadze and also a great research on a peaceful Minoan civilization conducted by Dr. Rismag Gordzeiani, who found that dynamic creativity is a productive substitute for violent behavior. 

Key words: Pax Minoica, Dimitri Uznadze, Rismag Gordeziani, mindset, perceptions, peace, John Burton, Johan Galtung, zones of peace, Christopher Mitchell 

JEL code: N930

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