• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

ESPRiT-Holistic Learning Through Drama in Education and Rhythm

Bernadette de Martin, Christian Martinsich

(Secondary School, Vienna, Austria)

Abstract: Drama and music pedagogy methods represent a valuable holistic and collaborative opportunity to actively and participatively involve students in learning content. This enables cognitive and emotional, creative and analytical, social and linguistic learning processes. Existing educational structures often no longer meet current and future socially relevant requirements for young people. The holistic teaching concept eSPRiT uses a drama and music-pedagogical approach to put the personality of young people at the center of school work. Thus, it achieves the goals required by the OECD in the Learning Compass 2030, because the approaches to the teaching content are holistic and can be experienced collaboratively. Using the teaching example Macbeth, it is made clear how working with the teaching concept eSPRiT can be carried out successfully.

Key words: drama/theatre in education, rhythm, holistic learning, collaborative, music education, Macbeth, body percussion, creativity, empathy, self-confidence, personality, reflection, individuality, teamwork

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