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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

How to Ensure Quality in Education: Terms and Conditions

Zoitsa Malliou

(3rd High School of Arta, Arta, Greece)

Abstract: In present time highly prepared students who will compete at national, European, or even international level are valued. This presupposes the improvement of the education provided in schools. To achieve such a demand the evaluation of the teaching process is a must and an important condition is the participation of teachers. In Greece there has also been the idea of connecting education with the local authorities, not only as it now happens in terms of premises, facilities and equipment infrastructure, but in relation to the needs of each region as concerns scientific staff and workforce. Today the idea of quality is identical with the examination results and in most Greek schools the approach is rather behavioral, that is to say the teacher is compelled to aspire only to knowledge which is evaluated by using many tests, revision tests and formal examinations sticking with the curriculum. However, if our intention is to establish real quality in education, we must value the procedures for it. A modern European school should be made up of educators- scientists who, by constant training, can create an engaging learning environment that will motivate students to participate actively, that will offer equal opportunities, will develop their entrepreneurial spirit, will promote mobility and the exchange of teachers and pupils by improving foreign languages teaching and by strengthening European cooperation; as long as these are not theoretical in the bills of the Ministry of Education but put into practice, with the participation of teachers, parents association and the activation of all local government bodies as well as the businesses of each region.

Key words: quality in education, assessment, Greek educational system

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