• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Invocation to the Hometown: The Magical Realism in Trigo Rojo

Liu Luyao

(Department of Philology and Communication, University of Barcelona, Spain)

Abstract: As a representative of Magical Realism and Chinese Root-seeking Literature, although Mo Yan uses techniques learned from the West and Latin America, such as stream of consciousness, time and space in disorder, style of Magical Realism, and more, the content, core and inspiration of his novel come from his experience rooted in his land. Therefore, this work attempts to investigate Trigo Rojo from the perspective of Magical Realism and elucidate how the formula of Latin American Magical Realism influenced the literary Nobel Mo Yan and therefore his generation, and what their relationship consists of.

Key words: Mo Yan, Trigo Rojo, magical realism, contemporary Chinese literature, Latin American literature

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