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A Study on the Improvement of Living Environment in Exterior Space of Jixiang Housing Complex in Shenyang, China

Yiming Fan1, and Yeonjeong Park2

1. Tianjin University, China

2. Wonkwang University, South Korea


Abstract: Since the Reform and Opening in the late 1970s in China, social mass construction has progressed rapidly in Shenyang. The housing complexes built during this time were aged and the living environment became worse as well as the residential satisfaction. Although unit households were being remodeled personally to improve the residential performance and satisfaction until now and the open space and community space was provided, as well as the importance of the space for convenience, such as parking or trash processing space, included in exterior space of residential complex was also growing, improvement was necessary but still hard to be carried out. So in this study, investigation on the exterior space was made focused on Jixiang Housing Complex in Shenyang. Improvement strategies and implications for the living environment were also suggested. As a result, for solving the problems, 2nd floor public space and semi-underground space can be used for separating public space and parking space as well as the 3D parking and greening for the sustainability of these old housing complexes and the urban regeneration of old city center in Shenyang.


Key words: improvement, living environment, exterior space, old housing complex, Shenyang

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