• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Research on Evaluation System of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign
Language Based on Chaoxing Learning Platform

Dong Xinping

(Fudan University, China)

Abstract: With the development of online and offline mixed teaching mode, several new changes have taken place in the examination and evaluation of TCSL. On the one hand, the change of the ratio between the usual grade and the final grade reflects the rise and fall of this, and teachers pay more and more attention to the formative evaluation of the courses they teach. Second, due to the reality that international students cannot go to school, the traditional offline exam to the online exam changes. How can the evaluation system of TCSL based on Chaoxing learning platform reflect students’ actual learning situation and learning results in a more fair and just way? This paper intends to analyze the existing problems and countermeasures of the current online examination from the aspects of examination question design and technology, through the form of multi-channel data collection such as questionnaire and interview.

Key words: Chaoxing learning platform, teaching of Chinese as a second language, assessment and evaluation system

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