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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Teaching Object-oriented Programming in the Context of Collaborative
Planning Through the Creation of Two Student Communities of Practice
Under the Auspices of an Inter-School Partnership

Evangelia Dimoula1 , Aikaterini Riga2

(1. 2nd Model Junior High School of Athens, Greece; 2. 17th Upper High School of Athens, Greece)

Abstract: An inter-school activity allows the creation of an alternative pedagogical framework that promotes forms of teamwork, solidarity and a critical approach to the subject of interest. Inter-school programs contribute to the strengthening of respect and acceptance of otherness, to the promotion of consistency and therefore play a decisive role in the socialization of students, but also in the prevention and avoidance of selfish behaviors in the school and wider social surroundings.

In the context of the inter-school activity, the two classes of students without ever meeting in person, through a series of educational activities feed each other with data. In particular, the team of the 17th Upper High School of Athens searches, organizes and sets record of materials related to recycling. The team of the 2nd Model Upper High School of Athens of Athens develops applications for recycling by writing code in the programming environment of Alice3.0 in accordance with the Computer Science Curriculum.

Key words: inter-school activity, teamwork cooperation, object-oriented programming, Alice3.0, communities of interest, communities for practice, research

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