• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Physics From Teaching to Coaching! Tesla Hands-on Science Academy

Emad El-Shafey

(Glory American Schools, Mansoura, Egypt)

Abstract: The aim of this contribution is to scope briefly, why and how I have just established — with the aid of a smart teamwork — Tesla Hands-on Science Academy. As a start up project, I had to set up the scientific framework of it including vision, mission, objectives, strategies, curricula and other basic standards. The kids have been classified into two levels: level-1, 5–8 years, called (junior Explorer), and level -2, 9–15 years, called (Junior Scientist)! The kid should have tasks via hands-on science activities in 5 categories/strands according to scope and sequence topics.

Key words: tesla, hands-on science, inquiry, guided, directed and full inquiry, project-based learning (PBL)

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