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Research on Performance Evaluation of Hz Construction Enterprise Based on Balanced Scorecard

Haoran Wan
(Shangqiu University, China)

Abstract: In recent years, the domestic and foreign construction industry is facing huge market pressure, fierce industry competition and constantly adjusted industrial structure. In order to stand out in the industry, construction companies must formulate appropriate strategic goals for enterprises and seize the market quickly. China‚Äôs construction industry is in a critical period of economic transformation. Paying attention to improving the performance evaluation of construction projects can effectively improve the efficiency of construction enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of construction enterprises. In this context, this paper takes HZ Construction as a research on the construction industry. At present, HZ construction enterprises have been using the simple and traditional performance appraisal methods to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment, leading to the declining performance level of HZ construction enterprises in recent years, overall in a depressed state. Therefore, HZ company is urgently needed to bring forth new things in the performance appraisal, improve the current performance evaluation methods, and establish a systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation system suitable for the development of the company. As a performance management tool, the balanced scorecard just meets the requirements of HZ Construction Company in terms of performance evaluation. Based on the company's strategic goals of the company, it can help enterprises solve the imbalance between financial and non-financial indicators and look at the development needs of the enterprise from a long-term perspective. Construction enterprises should attach great importance to performance evaluation in the future development, and use performance evaluation to improve the organizational and management ability, so as to improve the enterprise efficiency. Based on this perspective, it is practical to explore the application of balanced scorecard in performance evaluation of HZ Construction.

Key words: construction company; performance indicators; the balanced scorecard

JEL codes: R3, R31, R38

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