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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Corporate Financial Indicators According NACE, Processing, and Applications — Case of Slovakia

Ladislav Kabat
(Department of Economic, School of Public Administration, Slovakia)

Abstract: Qualified management in general and, therefore, the management of economic entities on corporate level and ongoing processes requires both, timely and content-reliable data. The data are largely taken from the final accounts of individual businesses. Notwithstanding the above, data for individual reporting units are often incomplete, value-unrealistic, or significantly different from analogous indicators of other undertakings with a similar business focus. These facts weaken the usefulness of such data for an in-depth analysis.

The main goal of this paper is to present the up to date results of the author´s study of the sectoral (NACE) values for selected financial indicators (as ROA, ROE, EBITDA, …) frequently applied in corporate economics. The studied data are selected from the final balance sheets of more than 900 thousand small and medium enterprises operating in Slovakia at least three full years. The generalized statistical distributions of the sectorial indicators calculated for 389 randomly selected companies are presented as the core results of this study.

Key words: data quality; creative accounting; financial ratios; ROA; ROE; EBITDA

JEL codes: G10, G34, H32 

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