• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

EQUASS Certified Social Responsibility Practices in IPSS: Comparative Analysis of Two Case Studies

Sara Cristina Cartaxo Romeiro, Fátima Jorge

(1. Évora University, Portugal; 2. Research Center in Political Science, Portugal)

Abstract: The present research was carried out within the scope of a master’s degree in management dissertation and its general objective is to identify and analyze the level of development of social responsibility practices in Social Solidarity Private Institutions, according to their internal and external dimension and in the environmental, economic and social aspects, as well as the hierarchy of the relations with all its stakeholders. This study used the methodology of case studies, with the application of a questionnaire, adapted from EC (2001), Santos (2010) and Brites (2015), as well as a semi-structured interview script applied to key informants and the documentary analysis of a very diversified set of elements, provided by two social solidarity private institutions in Évora’s district, certified under European Quality in Social Services. Concerning the results, it can be guaranteed we can ensure that the level of development of SR practices is relatively high in the IPSS under study and that they are sensitized to the incorporation of SR in the organizations’ strategy. It is verified that, in the two IPSS, there is an increasing bet on quality certification, which has led to the greater formalization of SR practices.

Keys words: social responsibility practices; internal and external dimension; social solidarity private institutions

JEL codes: G2, L3

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