• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Learning Religious Studies in the Context of a Smart City

Kamran Oveisi, Soraya Sagha
(Quran and Narration Department, Maaref University, Qom, Iran)

Abstract: Learning means accumulating, thinking, and applying knowledge, skills, and complex perspectives, and advancement of communication technologies in the late twentieth century was beginning of dramatic changes in all aspects of human life. One of the concepts that has changed due to technological advances in communication is the concept of city. These new technologies have allowed city to move beyond physical geography and its local ties and to enter in a new realm and geography. Accordingly, the city has gained this opportunity to become virtual or smart like other domains. The smart city is emerging as a new way to solve many educational problems. This article has done analyze of learning of religious knowledge in the context of the smart city through library and documentary based method. The achievements and results of this research include development of friendly environments, changing educational pattern, promoting quality of formal and informal education.

Key words: education; pattern; religion; smart city; learning

JEL code: I

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