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Development of Industrial Tourism in the Town of Coya: “Escuela de Orfebres del Cobre”, Location of Machalí, Bernardo O'Higgins Region, Chile

Maria Gabriela Ortiz Valenzuela 
(San Sebastian University, Santiago, Chile)

Abstract: Industrial Tourism is a relevant issue within the Region of Bernardo O'Higgins in Chile’s central valley, specifically in the town of Coya, inserted in the “Comuna” of Machalí, in the city of Rancagua. The development of the artisanal copper industry in this location, which has a great cultural, historical and heritage value, has generated expectations and innovative proposals for a rural and local tourism. Some of these initiatives have been born from the “Ruta del Cobre” collective funds project that began in the year 2019. This article is an exploration of the work of copper goldsmith artisans in Coya, evaluating the opportunities and challenges of an incipient artisanal business installed in this region, for the development of industrial tourism activities. The information was obtained through interviews carried out with some of the artisans (students) of the Coya School of Goldsmiths, as well as their teacher, and also other members of the area who reveal the importance of this activity in the community. Among the results, we may observe that the activities of this type of tourism are perceived as beneficial by the people interviewed, viewed as an alternative path to the traditional economy, allowing a positioning of this town on a larger tourist route, as well as emphasizing the national identity based on the history that copper has had in Chile through the centuries. 

Key words: industrial tourism; artisan industry; local community; exploration of opportunities; copper route; tourism narrative; tourist route; unique experience

JEL codes: Z3

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