• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Abstract: History records the processes of the conquest in Mexico and Peru with facts of similarity in the development of culture, political and social organization and various religious manifestations that Spaniards found in approximate prehispanic periods, building empires of great wealth being of greater importance among the discoveries of the new continent. During the viceroyalty two universities were founded, after the foundation of Mexico in 1519 and Lima 1535, San Marcos on May 12, 1551, and the Royal University of Mexico on September 21, 1551, important academic institutions in the development of their future nations.

The UNMSM and the UNAM are, nevertheless, two public universities that represent the complexity and cultural diversity of their nations, the identity of their heritage, their scientific and technological development, antecedents that arouse interest in the study of their new professional educational approaches.

The present study aims to evaluate, analyze and compare the level of relevant transversal professional competences in the training of students from two Latin American public universities. In the Professional School of Education, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the UNMSM, and the Faculty of Superior Studies of Aragón of the UNAM.

Key words: evaluation, transversal professional competences, public university, internationalization

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