• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Abstract: This paper is based on the basic theory of Dialectical Materialism. Through research, the essence of dialectical materialism philosophy of quantum consciousness is revealed, and the view that the subjective consciousness of human beings is the foundation of the objective world is verified by Zhu Qingshi. Revealing the understanding essence of Zhu Qingshi’s conclusion that quantum sociology is “from an uncertain state to a definite state must be consciously involved”. The nature and related achievements of the academic viewpoint of quantum consciousness are systematically summarized and analyzed by using qualitative research methods such as exploratory research, conceptual analysis, literature analysis, critical thinking and logical analysis. It is concluded that the theory or view of quantum consciousness is actually a misleading and false proposition. The term “consciousness” itself is a strictly defined concept that belongs to the philosophical category. It is a pseudo-proposition to integrate quantum as a concept of physics with the concept of consciousness in the philosophical category into an academic hypothesis and to explore conjecture on this basis.

Key words: Zhu Qingshi, quantum consciousness, dialectical materialism

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