• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Abstract: Physics is a hard but important subject at school. A lot of students think that it is not necessary to learn it. That’s why two years ago I started an IBL innovation in one of my two physics classes, consisting of students aged 12–13. In school year 2018/2019 I studied how the IBL method affected the classes in physics lessons students weren’t interested in. Two classes took part in the study: I – a class in which IBL method was implemented (23 students), and II – a class taught in the traditional way of education (21 students). In all classes behavioural and specific problems had been detected from time to time. My study started from a pre-test. All groups obtained very similar results: I – 54%, II — 55%, III – 53% on average. During my PI I recorded my lessons and took observational notes. Students worked with worksheets prepared by myself. I had about five lessons per month leading by IBL method.

Key words: IBL method, physics lessons, creative learning, community for science, spread education

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