• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Recording of Teachers’ Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding the Promotion of State Vocational Education

Manikas Thomas
(The Public Vocational High School of Athens, Greece)

Abstract: Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) has been designed as a combination of general education and technical and professional knowledge. Its role is particularly important because it prepares young people to train on a certain profession, providing them, at the same time, with the essential knowledge needed for the continuation of their studies in the next level.

The aim of this project is to record the attitudes and perceptions of teachers in Public Vocational Lyceums as far as promoting Public Vocational Training is concerned, using “Educational Institutions Marketing”, as an overall design by the Ministry of Education, as well as whether Marketing practices may be used by Vocational Lyceums themselves. The survey took place at all Public Vocational Lyceums of Western Athens to teachers of all specialties. The collection of data was carried out with a questionnaire and the statistical analysis shows that the teachers have a positive attitude towards implementing Marketing practices in Public Vocational Lyceums and believe that in case “Educational Institutions Marketing” is implemented in Public Vocational Lyceum, this will promote Vocational Training and will attract more students.

       Key words: vocational training, educational institutions marketing, public vocational lyceum, promotion, marketing planning

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