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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

School Bullying in Greek Education System: The Case Study From the Island of Lesvos

Ioulia Soulioti1, Evanthia Chatzigianni1, Anna Kouraki2
(1. 7th Kindergarten of Mytilene, Greece; 2. Primary School of Mytilene, Greece)

Abstract: This research study is an attempt to approach the social construction of the phenomenon of bullying through teachers’ narratives who teach in Primary Schools on the Island of Lesvos. Fifteen semi-structured interviews were performed. This is a micro-sociological approach that focuses on social processes, hierarchy and the structure of the classroom, the personality of the students and the learning process. The theoretical framework which this study was based on is the Εcosystemic/Βioecological theory of Urie Bronfenbrenner. The results of this study showed that bullying is not defined in its true dimensions. Physical, verbal and socio-emotional bullying are recognized more strongly by the teachers. Physical and verbal forms of violence are considered to be the most common. As to the extent of the phenomenon the views vary. Bullying occurs mainly in the school yard. The physical and verbal forms of bullying are considered the most dangerous. Views of educators on issues concerning the identity of both the victim and the perpetrator differ depending on each person’s life experiences and representations. For the management of bullying teachers apply different policies at individual level, classroom level and school level. It is necessary for the educational policy to create the appropriate conditions for the teachers’ redefinition, through critically oriented training procedures.

       Key words: school bullying, elementary school, teachers, bully-victim of school bullying

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