• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

From Hoharupa to Europe

Panagiotis Tselos 
(Pedagogical Department, University Patras, Greece)

Abstract: This project presents in a detailed way the design, the theoretical framework, the implementation as well as the evaluation of the school curriculum of the educational intervention Teachers 4 Europe. The educational action Teachers 4 Europe is an innovative teaching intervention of the Delegation of the European Commission in Greece. With this project an attempt was made to bring students in contact with what we call Europe. The implementation of this project was done through a series of experiential activities and active learning that made students discover the continent they live in, get to know the EU and its institutions, the cultural and any other peculiarities of its states, the many commonalities that unite the peoples of Europe as well as the contemporary problems that arise. Both the playful and enjoyable activities as well as the functional integration and integration of information and communication technologies in the educational process left encouraging results for similar actions in the future.

       Key words: Teachers 4 Europe, travel, ICT, European Union, art attractions

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