• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Issue of Assessment in Visual Art Courses of Greek Primary Education

Antonis Vaos, Tzina Kesimidi 
(University of Patras, Greece)

Abstract: The issue of assessment, in the field of visual art education, is faced with several reservations by the educational community, despite its contribution to attempts of improvement at the offered educational programs. This current thesis is intent on presenting a cohesive image of this issue in Greece, through the study of two parameters: the aspect of the official educational policy, as depicted in the current legislation setting, and the proposed approaches of the scientific community, in order to search for common ground or divergence in these two frameworks.

The results, despite the agreement that seems to arise in the main directional principles given on national level, indicate essential discrepancies between them and the parameters demanded by the rules of visual art education. Disagreements can be located on carriers, methods, objects and even the purposes of assessment. According to all these findings a question arises on how and in what degree these directions can be useful for the teachers in school-class.

      Key words: visual art education, educational assessment, primary education, official Greek educational policy

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