• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Mental Resilience: The Importance of Positive Psychology
in the School Context

Stourou Kalliopi 

Abstract: This work deals with the complex and multidimensional nature of mental resilience, which affects all of us, young and old, at every level and in every area of life. Based on the literature research, resilience is a dynamic and developmental process, where individual characteristics and personal reserves act protectively, interact with certain positive external factors (e.g., secure relationships, good school environment) and promote mental resilience of the person. In this article we will study the connection of teachers’ mental resilience with the work of the school based on reference to the school context. The brief presentation of the theoretical framework of Positive Psychology and resilience will highlight the importance of the teacher's mental resilience, as he is faced with major and intense changes in the school environment and is the one who is called to empower students. The findings of the study provide useful information for education and the school environment.

       Key words: mental resilience, positive psychology, teacher, school environment, education

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