• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Use of Animation in Greek School Education

Palasidou Aikaterini 
(2nd Primary School of Kalambaki, Drama, Greece)

Abstract: The new prevailing form of literacy combines many forms of communication and meaning creation. The use of different teaching methods is important for a better understanding of the cognitive objects, such as the creation of animation (audiovisual teaching material). Thus, through art, the teacher can communicate various concepts and elements, as well as develop values, such as cooperation, coexistence and gentle competition between children. Through a bibliographic review, the purpose of this article is to present that the animation is an important and easy-to-use tool for the teacher, because through the art and power of movement, teaches cognitive objects in a way that promotes collaborative learning.

       Key words: animation, education, skills, students, equipment

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