• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Modern Education for Energy

Koumbakis Basilios, Koumbakis Dimitrios-Aristotelis
(Technical School, Greece)

Abstract: The response of the new generation needs to address, in order to handle the complex electromechanical equipment of this new age, requires an education that complies and provides a wide spectrum of knowledge. This paper suggests an innovating new educational approach of the electromechanical studies setting from the beginning the Conservation of Energy Principle. The variables and the equations of energy changes are presented in a simple way so it is possible to examine the features of the energy processes with only two variables in generalized form. In this way, it is easier then to understand the different forms of energy as they present. The goal is that the students are getting to understand easier the energy transforms and transfers in a wider knowledge field in order to join later as new professionals a more wide field of electromechanical jobs. Lastly, the extension of the laws of nature to the social field can provide with a better understanding of some social phenomena also.

Key words: education, energy, physics, society, laws

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