• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Comparing Traditional Teaching of Mitosis and Meiosis With 3D Animations Instruction Method in Real Classroom

Maria A. Xaplanteri 
(5th High School of Kalamata, Greece)

Abstract: Genetics concepts are difficult to both learn and teach. Especially mitosis and meiosis include complex molecular mechanisms difficult for the student to comprehend. In addition, traditional instructional approaches focus exclusively on the molecular level. Relating the molecular level up to the cellular remains a difficult step for students. Previous studies revealed misconceptions about the two cell division processes, the biological significance of their outcome and their implications. This paper proposes educational activities about mitosis and meiosis using 3D animations instruction and presents the results of their application in real classroom, within the usual course in Greek high school students. The results were compared with the traditional teaching approach using a textbook and lecture format. The findings revealed that 3D animations educational scenario was more effective and improved students’ performance in case of meiosis rather than mitosis.


       Key words: biology education, mitosis, meiosis, 3D animations, traditional teaching

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