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Potentials of the Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesiumsilicate {MSAMS: Al4(SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4→2Al2Mg3(SiO4)3} for the Economy

Maduike C. O. Ezeibe, Favor I. O Onyeachonam

(College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria)

Abstract: Molecules of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS), WHO-approved medicine/pharmaceutical stabilizing agent consist of Nanoparticles which have negative electrical charges on their surfaces and positive charges on their edges. RNA viruses, including HIV and Covid-19 virus have positive electrical charges. DNA viruses and abnormal cells are negatively charged. Therefore, AMS prevents attachment of viruses to cells, by opposite charges-electrostatic attraction. Thus, viral replication is inhibited and extra-cellular viruses, mopped. The Nanoparticles also adsorb onto abnormal cells so that tumor cells are mopped and infected cells, destroyed. As Nanoparticles, they are able to reach viruses and abnormal cells in all organs/tissues. When 100% of each viral infection is mopped, patients suffering the disease recover. Nigeria does not have deposits of AMS but there are abundant deposits of Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate in the country. These minerals which are also WHO-approved medicines, were used for a reaction to get the Medicinal synthetic AMS (MSAMS, Antivirt®). Dextrose monohydrate (Glucose®) was formulated with the MSAMS to convey the charged Nanoparticles (by active transport) across mucous membranes into blood, for circulation to organs/tissues. The MSAMS has proved effective against all nine viruses so far studied including HIV. As adjuvant, it has potentiated all five antimicrobial drugs so far studied and made them achieve ≥ 95% reduction of infection-loads (preventing Antimicrobial Resistant infections: AMR). Also, at 75% of their doses, antimicrobials formulated with MSAMS and used with antioxidants, regain efficacy against AMR. So, the MSAMS prevents AMR and makes drugs recover effects against AMR. Use of these solid minerals which are abundant in the country (Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate) to synthesize MSAMS which provides solutions to the three major health challenges of the world (Viral diseases, Abnormal-cell diseases including Cancers/other tumors and AMR) would diversify and enhance Nigerian economy.

          Key words: Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-magnesium silicate; Antiviral; Anti-tumor; Cure/prevention of drug-resistance

JEL code: I1

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