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Evaluation of FVH Fertilizers as a Sustainable Alternative to
Mitigate Greenhouse Gases

Cruz Hernández Á. R., Lucio Domínguez R., Bedolla Cedeño J. L. C.

(Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, México) 

Abstract: The need to generate alternatives to climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases drives us to know whether the processing of farms excreta through simple composting and bokashi method, influences the growth of hydroponic green forage, led to a detailed investigation about the elements that influence the development of green hydroponic forage. The experiment is carried out in Morelia Michoacán, at an altitude above sea level of 1,920 m, the climate that predominates is temperate with rains in summer and the temperatures that oscillate are of 12°C as minimum and 22°C as maximum. Two composting groups were used, group 1, with which simple composting was performed and only rabbit excrement was used and group 2, in which 750 g of rabbit dung, 500 g of sawdust, 500 g of lime were used and 250 g of ordinary dirt, with a group which the bokashi method was performed and which served as a control group. Each group with its respective materials was placed on the concrete surface which was isolated from the rays of the sun and rain, enough amount of water was applied to each group so that the materials were wet, each group was mixed separately twice a day for 10 days, as well as water was applied in each mix to conserve the moisture of the materials.

Key words: greenhouse gases; simple composting; bokashi method; green hydroponic forage

         JEL code: Q540

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