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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Performance Analysis of BUMD of Food Sector in DKI Jakarta

Henry M. P. Siahaan1, Dominicus Savio Priyarsono2, Amzul Rifin2, Bustanul Arifin3
(1. School of Business, IPB University, Indonesia;
2. Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB University Bogor City, Indonesia;

3. Department of Agricultural Economics/Agribusiness University of Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia)

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the performance of BUMD of food sector in Jakarta. This study uses data from financial reports, management reports, annual reports, bulletins. Analysis of quantitative descriptive data using financial ratios and non-financial indicators for five years. Analysis of qualitative descriptive data using triangulation methods from six key persons of BUMD of food sector to confirm the findings. The research sample was three BUMD of food sector in Jakarta. The results of this study indicate that the trend of growth in assets and corporate earnings is positive but unstable where the coefficient of variation fluctuates high so it tends not to describe the actual trend. Likewise, financial performance in which the company‚Äôs profitability ratio is relatively low and fluctuating, the liquidity ratio with a trend that continues to grow even up to 10 times. For non-financial performance, the reality is 2-8 percent market dominance, the business synergy of the three BUMDs still partial and ad-hock, the competitiveness of the BUMDs compared to its competitors is less balanced. This study concludes that the performance of BUMD in the food sector has not fully met the expectations of the Jakarta Provincial Government and BUMDs targets.

Key words: corporate performance; region-owned company (BUMD); corporate growth, parastatal

         JEL codes: L1, L250

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