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  • Journal of Business and Economics

The Influence of Overtourism on Decent Work of Employees in the Tourism Industry

Song Qingfeng1, Ying Li1,2
(1. International Hotel Management SIHOM Department, Sol International School,Woosong University, Korea;
2. Hebei Normal University, China)

Abstract:This paper studies the relationship between overtourism and employment in the tourism industry. By proposing a conceptual model of the influence of overtourism on decent work, this study analyses the influence of overtourism on tourism employment. The result demonstrates that the enormous number of tourists increase the pressure of tourism work, rise more productivity for employees and worse the working conditions. Additionally, the wage level would not rise resulting from the profit-motive system of tourism business, low-skills work and hourglass economy in overtourism context. Meanwhile, the increase in living cost and more productivity because of the overtourism would reduce the actual spending power of employees. Overtourism exacerbates the working conditions of employment and affects further employers and tourists. This paper firstly explores the relationship between overtourism and employment, which will contribute to the policymakers to consider the sustainability of tourism.

Key words: overtourism; decent work; employment; employees; sustainability

JEL codes: Z390

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