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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Improving on Second Language Use in Nigeria Languages as A Veritable Tool for Ensuring National Security

Zebulon C. Iwuala

(National institute of Nigerian Languages, Nigeria)

Abstract: This study examined improving on second language use among Nigeria Language as a variable tool for ensuring National Security. Two research questions guided the study. The sample of the study was 80 Igbo lecturers in Federal Universities in Nigeria. A-21 item questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. The instrument was validated by two experts in language education and one from Measurement and Evaluation from University of Nigeria Nsukka. The instrument yielded 0.83 using Cronbach Alpha method. The result was analyzed using mean scores. The result showed that the lectures view the use of Nigerian languages (Igbo) as a weapon for national security as defective. This was attributed to poor awareness on the actual security problems in Nigeria, inability to teach issues related to security problems, non-integration of Nigerian languages (Igbo) and security education in the curriculum, and the inability of lectures to teach the three major languages (Igbo) in Universities effectively. This lack of awareness of the main security problems and its poor integration into the Nigeria languages (Igbo) curriculum was a defect, thus, a lot of challenges were identified by the study. The results show that the challenges to the use of Nigerian languages (Igbo) as a weapon for National security are varied and mainly in form of illiteracy among the people, which includes inadequate information on security issues by the populace, poor integration of language and security matters in the nations education, ethnic and political consideration in the recruitment of lecturers and students in public secondary schools in Nigeria also make cross fertilization of languages impossible. Also, poor integration of the three major Nigerian Languages in University curriculum makes it difficult for free flow of information among the different people in Nigeria especially in security issues. It was recommended among others, the integration of the nations indigenous languages into the curriculum and the use of the dominant ethnic languages as a medium of instruction in schools among others.

Key words: second language, Nigeria, national securitya

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